Born in Pittsburgh and now a resident of Maryland, April Brown, known as the Art Missionary, has been a mixed  medium artist since the year 2000. She has always had a passion for art, but in high school, she discovered her notable medium, acrylic on canvas.


Brown, a self taught painter, finds her inspiration from other well known artist, such as Frida Kahlo and Jacob Lawrence, as well as through Black culture in America. When she isn't hosting a paint & sip or painting her next masterpiece, she enjoys spending to with her husband, also an Artist & Photographer, and her two boys, 



Born in the Bronx and now residing in Maryland, Royce Brown known affectionately as Royce The Abstract has had a career in Architectural Design for over 10 years. At an early age, he found much of his art inspiration through his neighborhood.  The Bronx native was inspired by bright graffiti murals and the surrounding Architecture of Manhattan, He has expert experience in ink to paper artwork and most recently, acrylic on canvas.

Royce's unique eye for design makes for a good marriage as a Freelance Lifestyle Photographer. He enjoys exploring the limits  during photo sessions all while creating unique experiences with his clients.

When he's not being creative he enjoys spending time with his family and grilling outdoors..